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I'm a mobile DJ (since 1977) out of Durham, NC. My company is (It's Majik Entertainment and Sound Productions). I'm also the owner/CEO/administrator/manager of Majik Touch Radio. Founded on Oct. 18th 2019. 

Anthony (DjMajik) Rush:

Born in Durham, NC. Inspired to listen to all types of music by my mother mostly, but inspired to become a DJ by the Wizards of Sound DJs, Funky 4 Disco,and Strike-Force Djs of Durham. (RIP)Alvin Yates, (Rip)James Gennerette, (Rip) Dobie, Jeff Bates, Coon Dog, Joe Omega Supreme Hunter, James (Spoony) Mclain, Kool Ray, Gary (G-Money) and Sam (Dj Dollar Bill) McCullers were the big names back then. Djing back when disco was dying out and hip hop was a baby, '75-'79...we had our own musical movement here in Durham and we evolved right at the same time as New York did. I grew up in McDougald Terrace. We didn't have money, but we all didn't do welfare. I had to get a job and go to work! I did that and still played music as a young man. I graduated from Durham High in 1980, I bought a little dj equipment and little by little started making (pause)tapes. I got a mixer and turntables a few months later. My man Mike Nice promoted everybody who was hot in the streets. Me, Polo and Greg Lee were the next generation out of the Mac to be djs. Greg and Polo went to college. They later built their names and held Durham and NC up to a higher standard as far as sound and djing goes. I left to join the US Air force in 1982. I took my music with me and began doing parties all over Langley, AFB. and Virginia in general. Back then, most good djs had a three part name thanks to Grand Master Flash & later, Jam Master Jay. I called myself Scratch Master Majik. While in the Air force, I witnessed real remixes by the Latin Rascals. From that point on, I was hooked on the art of the remix, not just playing song after song, but creating new mixes from other people's music. I almost won a local dj battle on a Va radio station. Not being from there but taking second place meant that I really won in my This was one of many battles because you had to prove your name back then. Now there were a lot of younger dj crews that were banging hard from this area during this time too. Since I was gone, I didn't get to meet some of them until years later. So I'm not overlooking their existence, I just didn't know them at the time. Tee Luv, Dj Ptrol, and G-Mac had records out, and were well known by the time I came home & In that 4 year period, DjNabs also became known and everyone was telling me I needed to hear him spin. '83...The Incredible DeeJay Polo came & got me and took me to a house party. A young DJ Nabs had mad fans even then. Got out of the service in '86. The DJ family tradition of great DJs coming from Durham was safe! I felt like I had done all I needed to do and was ready to retire from the game until I linked back up with Gmoney and Dollar Bill in '87. We did every show we could and shared great moments with Dj Flash & Dj Holly Rock from the Few Crew. I was eventually asked to DJ with Nabs. We did a couple small parties and rocked out and then just like that....he was gone to do bigger and better things. We are all still proud of his success. Eventually, I started producing beats. I laid a couple of tracks for King Aayoola, as well as My sisters the 2 Sentimental Queens (Rhonda & Felishia). I wasn't doing anything big after that. Between 88 and 90, I DJ'd at Mr D's with Polo Greg Lee & Mike Nice. 1990 my good friend Roderick Mitchell was killed. Didn't feel much like the old Durham after that. Mr. D's management moved to Raleigh. I was doing small gigs here and there. 2002....I stopped spinning after my mom passed. But the community kept asking when I was going to come back. So, in 2010....I started back full speed and was received with open arms! I've received several awards for serving the Durham community through music. The two that I'm most proud of are the one from Deejay Kraze & another from the Bull City Music Group, for being one of several pioneer DJs from Durham. I'm currently the BCMG official dj and one of the last to become a Wizards of Sound dj. I'm also an honorary member of Strike Force Djs. I'm currently the owner and CEO of Its Majik Entertainment & Sound Productions. Durham DJs are undoubtedly some of the best DJs in the world and I'm very proud to be just one. I’m officially a DJ on 94.5the Blaze out of Louisville Kentucky!!! I love it!!!!........AND, as of Oct 18th 2019, I am the owner/founder/operator/manager/DJ @#MAJIKTOUCH RADIO!!! MY OWN STATION!!! This is only the beginning!!!!
Anthony DjMajik Rush-
#94.5TheBlaze DJ Friday nights at 10pm

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